Gravel crunched under her shoes, the path winding around roots of tall majestic kauri and bright yellow trumpeting kōwhai. The air dripped with the sweet nectar of native bird song, pierced occasionally with the shrill sound of cicadas, basking on the limbs of the trees. Fantails flittered through the greenery, tūī cocked their embellished throats, white pearls snuggled under their chins. An eerie tranquility pervaded, the heavy breath of nature lingering in the air. Although she was in the shade the heat was almost unbearable, her shirt beginning to cling to her. Stumbling over truant roots, she kicked up small clouds of debris in her rush to reach the other end.


A beginning

Welcome to Cacti & Coffee.

I plan to fill this tiny little corner of the internet with my flash fiction as part of my 100 Day Project. 100 Days is a creative movement where you take one thing and do it every day. For 100 days.

Before my days were filled with nappy changes, nap schedules, and picking up a billion toys, I was a writer. I miss those creative days where I would sit down and just type. I was a journalist and would spend all day churning through facts and informing people, and then at night I’d enter a world of make believe and spill my ideas out on to paper.

Since having children those moments, and that life, has gone on the back burner. This is my attempt to re-capture a tiny part of that life. An attempt to be creative again (aside from pulling silly faces and making up lullabies).

100 Days starts on May 22. From that day onwards I will aim to post a short story (up to 300 words). Deep breaths……stay tuned.