Standing in the mirror she did not like what she saw. Long, crooked toes. Fat, white thighs that wobbled when she breathed. A stomach that looked as though the only thing she ate was beer. Tiny, little mole hills, “no way they could sustain life”, she mused. Turkey-skin arms. Big, brown freckles splotched wherever they felt the need to congregate. Pasty white skin. Uneven lips. Mousey-brown, lank hair. Heaving the pretty fabric over her head, she wished the image that would stare back at her would metamorph into someone like on the TV. Some one perfect. She tugged at the dress, pulling it over her hips, and smoothing it down.

(A snippet of my story originally published in Speaking of Love, compiled and edited by B.A Llewellyn. Available here: http://www.brightlightmultimedia.com/SOL-Ovrvw.htm. I’m sick today and my brain is a fuzz and I just can’t write)


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